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Father and Son Share $21.5m Mega Millions Jackpot

Lottery24 – Father and son share Mega Millions jackpotThe Friday October 13 Mega Millions draw had a $43m jackpot and it was shared by two tickets. Last week we told you how Kevin and Stephanie Blake from Michigan, USA, claimed their $21.5m Mega Millions win and now the other lucky winners in Rhode Island, USA, have collected their windfall.

The Mega Millions winners are Eddy Trinidad and his son Alejandro who will share their jackpot win. Vasiliy Sholokhov, from Concord in California, USA, won a $1m Powerball prize and then shared the windfall with his two sons.

They have decided to accept their win as a one-off lump sum payment $13m which will be about $9,063,227.20 after taxes so each will receive $4.531,613.60 each. It’s the first Mega Millions jackpot won by a ticket sold in Rhode Island.

Their winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased from Martin’s Petroleum on Warren Avenue in East Providence. It successfully matched 02–07-18-26-31 and the Mega Ball-12 to win a share of the top prize.

The father and son contacted the Rhode Island lottery the Monday after the Mega Millions draw to get their win verified and asking for some advice. They were told to sign the back of their ticket, get advice from a legal counsel and an accountant, and then come forward to claim their winnings.

That’s just what Ronald Meier did when taking three months to claim a $2.6m Powerball win.Raymond Mayor and Robyn Collier from Florida, USA, took time to set up a trust before claiming their share of a $414m Mega Millions jackpot.

It’s believed that the lucky Mega Millions winners have left the area to go on holiday just hours after receiving their winning cheques. They told lottery officials that they planned to do a lot of travelling and the rest of their big win would be invested. Friday the 13th can be a lucky day for lottery players. A ticket sold in Detroit won a $66m Mega Millions jackpot in the draw held on Friday June 13, 2014.

“They’re good people. They’re very good people,” neighbour Mike Peck said. “They’re very quiet. They’re quiet people,” he added.

The next Mega Millions draw is on Tuesday October 31 and has a top prize of $40m. It’s the first draw under the new set of Mega Millions rules. They promise larger jackpots in the future and the prizes for some of the tiers will be increased.

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