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A couple from Ontario in Canada have won $100,000 on the Lotto Max Encore game, despite admitting to only being occasional players.

Christopher and Teresa Holmes, from Whitby in Ontario, told Lotto Max officials that they only buy tickets every once in a while, with Mr Holmes admitting: “We’re not regular players.” The couple, who said that they were still in shock when they collected their $100,000 prize from Ontario Lottery and Gaming headquarters in Toronto, purchased their ticket from their local Hasty Market convenience store in Whitby. Another Ontario man recently won $100,000 on the Lotto Max Encore, and he thought he was dreaming!

Mr Holmes said that he only bought the ticket because he needed to get change from a $50 bill, but then he put the ticket in his pocket and forgot all about it. The drawing was that evening, and the Lotto Max winner said that he fell asleep on the sofa and woke up in the early hours. “I remembered my ticket and decided to check it right away,” he said. A UK Lotto winner from Nottingham in England rushed out to a late-night store in the middle of the night to check his winning ticket.

In his slumber, he was still conscious enough to realise that he had a winning ticket, so he ran up the stairs to let his wife know. “I was in such a daze, I understood what he was saying but I just didn’t believe him,” Mrs Holmes told Lotto Max officials. “I actually double checked the numbers on my phone.” Not long ago, a man from Ontario won $23.6 million on the Lotto Max, and was just as shocked as a £186,000 EuroMillions winner from Scotland who also described themselves as being “in a daze” after discovering their win.

The couple, who have been married for 12 years and have two children together, said that they plan to use their Lotto Max Encore winnings to purchase a new car, and make some renovations to their home, just like a Hoosier Lottery winner from Kokomo in Indiana. “We’ll also put some money aside for our children’s education,” said Mrs Holmes, adding that they’d love to take a family vacation to Punta Cana.

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