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Lottery players had another good few days since our last news update with the top prize being a €45.785m La Primitiva jackpot. The EuroJackpot was won for the third straight week with one ticket winning €10m.

The success began on Thursday when one ticket sold in Galicia in the province of Pontevedra in Spain won the €45,785,634.21 La Primitiva jackpot. Their winning numbers were 03-09-11-35-43-45 and the Reintegro 06. Previously a player from a small Catalan town won a €36.016m La Primitiva jackpot. Thursday’s draw also saw three second-tier winners of €545,434.61. More success in La Primitiva lottery followed on Saturday with a second-tier win of €1,627,374.08 and a third-tier win of €244,106.11

Last week a ticket won the €10m EuroJackpot top prize. On Friday the jackpot was won again for the third successive week with a ticket winning €10m, after successfully matching 11-16-18-22-43 and the two EuroNumbers of 07 and 08. There were two tickets winning the second-best prize of €1,242,185.30. The jackpot next Friday is again €10m.

Friday’s £66.74m EuroMillions draw failed to produce a jackpot winner. The numbers drawn were 19-24-28-30-50 and the two Lucky Stars 03 and 10. There were six third-tier winners of £167,233.30. On Tuesday, the top prize will be £71m.

The Mega Millions jackpot on Friday was $119m but will be $132m on Tuesday after a rollover. The numbers drawn were 16-36-54-61-64 and the Mega Ball 22. There were no second-tier winners unlike Samuel Smith from Louisiana, USA, who also won $1m playing Mega Millions.

Saturday’s UK Lotto jackpot was £5.145m but ended in a rollover. No tickets could match 04-07-29-45-54-56 and the Bonus Ball 08. On Wednesday the top prize will be £6.6m. The Thunderball jackpot of £500,000 was won after a single ticket matched 04-07-11-13-34 and the Thunderball 05.

The Powerball jackpot on Saturday was up to $147.4m but again ended in a rollover. The unmatchable numbers were 08-13-27-53-54 and the Powerball 04. There were three second-tier $1m winners sold in California, Indiana and Oregon. Michael Doyle from Michigan, USA, also scooped $1m playing Powerball. On Wednesday the jackpot rises to $163m.

The SuperEnalotto draw will be €64.5m on Tuesday after more rollovers. On Saturday the elusive numbers were 16-20-22-42-54-62 and the Jolly 52 failing to win the €63.5m top prize.

The Lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot of €8,574,680.10 was won on Saturday after one ticket matched 11-17-20-26-37-43.and the Bonus 09. There were also four second-tier winners of €421,621.10. Earlier this month a ticket won a €17,830,560.90 Lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot.

Saturday’s Super 6 draw produced eight winners of €100,000 after matching 8-6-0-0-5-3. There was also a second-tier win of €158,285.50 in Saturday’s Lotto 6 aus 45 draw. The Joker draw saw one jackpot winner receive €228,941.60 after successfully matching 6-0-4-2-2-3. On Saturday there was a second-tier win in the Bonoloto draw of €154,196.96.

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