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One lucky ticket won a £24.43m UK Lotto jackpot on Wednesday and it didn’t even match the six main numbers. The past few days have also seen a €18.96m Lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot won and a Bonoloto top prize of €726,369.23 won on Christmas Day.

Saturday evening saw one ticket win the €18.961.293.10 Lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot after successfully matching 04-11-31-32-38-39 and the Bonus 06. There were six-second-tier winners of €346,150.90. Other jackpot wins that evening were in the Super 6 draw with four winners of €100,000 and a €977,777 win in the Spiel 77 draw. A lottery millionaire was created in the La Primitiva draw with a ticket winning the second-tier prize of €1,541,980.32.

Christmas Eve saw two jackpot winners in the Lotto 6 aus 45 draw each winning €6,118.478.40 after being able to match 07-08-14-33-38-40. Last month a single ticket won a €4,174,727.30 Lotto 6 aus 45 jackpot. The Joker draw had three tickets win the top prize of €177,502.10.

There was also a second-tier win of €187,814.89 in the El Gordo draw. Christmas Day saw a jackpot win in the Bonoloto draw with one ticket matching 03-18-20-35-38-46 to win €726,369.23.

Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw had a £21.951m jackpot but ended in a rollover. There were three second-tier winners of £149,589.60. The numbers drawn were 04-17-30-43-44 and the two Lucky Stars 02 and 10. That’s the fourth draw in a row in which 30 has been a main number. Earlier this year Bev Doran from Yorkshire in England won a £14.5m EuroMillions jackpot. On Friday the top prize will be £33m.

The Mega Millions jackpot was $277m on Tuesday but no tickets were able to match 10-12-20-38-41 and the Mega Ball 25. There was a second-tier win of $1m with that ticket being sold in Washington. Previously a man from Washington brought his dream car after a $1m Mega Millions win. Friday sees a massive jackpot of $306m.

One ticket won the £24,430,520 UK Lotto jackpot on Wednesday 27 by matching five of the main balls and the Bonus Ball. The lucky numbers were 18-36-48-57-58-59 and the Bonus Ball 50. In October five tickets won a £24.995m UK Lotto top prize also failing to match the six main balls. On Saturday the jackpot will be £3.2m.

The Powerball draw had a $340.4m jackpot on Wednesday but again it ended in a rollover. No tickets were able to match 03-09-16-56-60 and the Powerball 03. There was one ticket sold in Washington that won a second-tier prize. Arthur Martin from Virginia, USA, also managed to get five main numbers this win and won himself a $1m playing Powerball. On Saturday, the jackpot rises to a massive $384m.

Wednesday’s Lotto 6 aus 49 draw saw a second-tier win of €423,691.40 after matching 17-19-31-37-45-46. The Super 6 draw had two €100,000 top prize winners after matching 7-9-5-0-6-1.

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