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A man from Ohio in the USA has received a belated birthday gift after buying a Powerball ticket in Maryland last month.

The 64-year-old, from Dublin in Ohio, works in Maryland and so he often completes his chores, such as grocery shopping, on his way home from work. Recently a couple from Florida won on the Maryland Powerball thanks to a trip to visit family. The Ohio lottery player told Powerball officials that he plays only the multi-state lottery games Powerball and Mega Millions, usually buying one ticket for each drawing every week. Another recent Maryland winner bought his winning Powerball ticket after suffering through a trip to the dentist.

On Friday, December 15th, the Ohio man was doing his grocery shopping at a Giant #313 store in Germantown, Maryland, when he picked up his weekly Powerball and Mega Millions tickets, putting them away in his car glove compartment and heading back home. “I always put them in there and check them later,” the Powerball player said. “On Sunday, I pulled them out and started to check the stack of tickets.” A man from Missouri won $50,000 on a scratch card after cleaning out his car glove box.

The Ohio man, who works in higher education in Maryland, told lottery officials that he went through all the tickets one by one until he came to the Powerball ticket that he had just purchased days before. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that he’d matched the first four numbers and the Powerball from the December 16th drawing. “I was started when I looked up how much I won, and it was $50,000,” the lottery player said. Last year another Maryland man bagged $100,000 after a last minute scratch card purchase during his grocery shopping.

The lucky winner then called his wife and woke her up to tell her the good news, “She said, ‘You better have a good reason to be calling me!’” and good reason he had, as he shared the news that they’d won $50,000 on the Powerball. As well as recently celebrating a birthday, the Powerball winner also recently passed his 40th wedding anniversary, and so he plans to use some of his prize winnings for a celebratory trip. A man from Ontario in Canada won $1 million on the Canadian Lotto Max last year and said it was an excellent late birthday present.

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