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A EuroMillions winner from Madeley near Stoke in England won £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery and kept the ticket safe in his wife’s underwear drawer.

Now, Melvynn Wright told lottery officials that he’ll be spending the winnings made from that stashed away EuroMillions ticket on a mobility scooter for his wife, Anne. The great grandfather of three and grandfather of 10 said that he plans to use his £1 million winnings on making life easier for his wife as she suffers from chronic lung disease. A EuroMillions winner from Henley planned to buy a new mobility scooter for her mother after her £150,000 windfall.

The lottery winner said that the family have all been hit by difficulties in recent years, with his wife beating breast cancer in 2002, and a family business suffering to the recession. A recent Powerball winner from Iowa in the USA said his winnings would come in useful after a flood at their family business. But now, together with their four daughters, each member of the family will take home £166,666 and Mr Wright plans to buy a bungalow and a mobility scooter. A National Lottery scratch card winner from Scotland bought himself a new bungalow after his big win.

Mr Wright said that after realising the family’s EuroMillions ticket was worth £1 million, he was scared he’d lose it, which is why it ended up stored in his wife’s underwear drawer. A lottery winner from Maryland hid his winnings scratch off ticket under the bed when he realised how much it was worth. “I checked the numbers and they just jumped out at me,” the retired transport manager told lottery officials. “I went to my wife and told her to come down and check them again.”

The winning ticket was one purchased as a family syndicate, but the doting father said that no matter whether it was that which won or his own personal ticket, he’d have shared it with his children and families anyway. “I always said I would win one day. I just had to keep the faith,” the EuroMillions winner said. Just last month a family syndicate from New Zealand won $19.1 million on the NZ Powerball.

The family all joined Mr Wright at Crewe Hall last week to celebrate their EuroMillions winnings and collect their cheques thanks to their winners on Friday, December 29th, 2017.

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