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A man from Boiling Springs, Tennessee, USA who bought his first ever Mega Millions ticket for the drawing on January 5th was a millionaire by the next morning.

Jimmy Morgan experienced beginner’s luck when he bought a Mega Millions ticket early this year, deciding to try the multi-state lottery game for the first time. His quick pick ticket matched all of the main numbers, missing just the Mega Millions number to win him $1 million, and Mr Morgan found out about his good fortune before dawn had even broken.Tennessee’s largest ever lottery winner was Roy Cockrum from Knoxville who won $259 million on the Powerball.

Without even getting out of bed, the Mega Millions newbie checked his ticket and then had to rub his eyes and make sure he really was awake, before waking up his wife to triple check. The couple said that once they realised that the ticket really was a $1 million winner, they started celebrating. A National Lottery winner from Whitehaven in England woke his wife up from her slumber when he won £300,000.

Boiling Springs is a small Tennessee town, and word of the Mega Millions win spread quickly, with Mr Morgan explaining that he received so many calls of congratulations that his phone ran out of battery, twice! The couple claimed their prize from Tennessee Lottery officials in Nashville the very next day and revealed that the winner plans to use his winnings to purchase a new truck, replacing his current one which is 18 years old. In actual fact, he’d already done that by the time he reached lottery offices. A scratch card winner from Maryland was planning to go truck shopping after winning $100,000.

Mr Morgan explained that he chose to play the Mega Millions for the first time this month because of the high jackpot, as it was worth $450 million. He told lottery officials that he usually plays the Powerball lottery when the jackpot climbs, but he’d never tried the Mega Millions. It’s a good job he did, because it turned out to be his lucky charm! A lottery player from Washington state won $90 million on her first ever Powerball ticket, and another Pacific North-western won $190,000 on their first ever Hit 5 Lottery purchase.

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