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A man from Michigan in the USA has said that his recent state lottery win will be a nice addition to the prize he won two years ago.

Kent Crawford from Gladwin, Michigan, two years ago won $100,000 on a Michigan Lottery Fantasy 5 ticket which he bought at a gas station, and earlier this month he added $69,000 to that prize fund when he won on the Club Keno lottery. His first lottery win was a stroke of luck, as he bought a Fantasy 5 ticket which had accidentally been printed by the store clerk and won a $100,000 jackpot. A New York lottery player won $1 million on the state lottery, twice in four years.

This lottery win took place during a game of bowling at Meadow Lanes, and Mr Crawford said he’d been playing the Keno while he was bowling, winning a few dollars here and there. “I had been playing a 10-spot and winning a few bucks here and there while I was bowling,” the lucky winner told Michigan Lottery officials. “I noticed The Jack was getting up there, so I decided to add that to my next ticket.” A Michigan Lottery player who won $50 on the Club Keno decided to reinvest her winnings, and ended up $60,000 richer!

The Jack is a subsidiary of the Club Keno game, and Mr Crawford said that he doesn’t always play it, but his gamble paid off when he checked his ticket. “I kept bowling, and after a while I saw The Jack amount had reset to $10,000, so I decided to check my ticket. When the terminal printed a slip showing it was the winner, I couldn’t believe it!” Another Club Keno player also won big on the game twice, but his wins were across just seven months.

The lucky winner now has two Michigan Lottery wins to his name, and he suggested that he could be the luckiest man in his hometown of Gladwin. We’ve previously told you about another lottery winner who could well be the world’s luckiest man after he survived a plane crash and then won $1 million on the lottery. When asked how he plans to spend his most recent winnings, Mr Crawford told Michigan Lottery officials that he hopes to take his family on vacation, and then save the rest. A Lotto 649 winner from Ontario in Canada planned to take her family to the Bahamas after winning over $54,000.

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