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The two big American jackpots remained intact over the weekend. The Powerball jackpot is up to $348m and there’s a $265m Mega Millions top prize on offer.

The lucky numbers in Friday’s EuroMillions draw which had a £26.09m jackpot were 02-07-34-45-48 and the two Lucky Stars 01 and 12. They produced a rollover and on Tuesday the jackpot is £33m. There were two second-prize winners, one ticket sold in the UK won £363,393.50 with the other winner being in Spain winning €556,145.86. That’s more success after the two countries recently shared a £155m EuroMillions jackpot.

Friday’s EuroJackpot draw had a €31m but no tickets were able to match 16-18-20-27-46 and the two EuroNumbers 03 and 05. Four tickets won the second-tier prize of €440,725.60 and four more won the third prize of €155,550.20. On Friday, the top prize is €42m.

In the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday was $243m but will rise to $265m on Tuesday Tickets couldn’t match 24-28-42-60-64 and the Mega Ball 08 but there were two second-tier winners with tickets sold in New York and Michigan. Kennedy Howard from Michigan also won $1m playing Mega Millions.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot continues to rise. On Thursday, the top prize was €106.6m but tickets failed to match 09-23-57-72-77-82 and the Jolly 64. Saturday’s €107.9m wasn’t won with the elusive numbers 02-19-62-74-81-83 and the Jolly 56. On Tuesday the top prize is €109.1m and here’s some tips on how to spend a SuperEnalotto windfall.

On Saturday, the UK Lotto jackpot was £3,18m after a single ticket won a £6.7m UK Lotto top prize on Wednesday. The numbers drawn were 15-19-20-29-42-50 and the Bonus Ball 36. On Wednesday, the jackpot will be £5.1m.

The Lotto 6 aus 49 draw on Saturday had a €3m top prize but there was no jackpot winner. The elusive numbers were 05-24-28-37-40-44 and the Bonus 08. The jackpot is €4m on Wednesday.

The Powerball jackpot was $318.7m but again ended in a rollover. No tickets could match 13-17-25-36-40 and the Powerball 05. There were five second-tier winners who follow in the footsteps of Sonny Norwell from Georgia, USA, who won a $1m Powerball prize. On Wednesday, the top prize is $348m.

The Bonoloto draw produced a second-tier winner of €202,106.42 on Friday but on Saturday, one ticket won a jackpot of €1,916,716.53 after matching 01-05-06-16-24-29. There was also a second-tier win of €166,894.16

Saturday also saw a jackpot win in the La Primitiva draw. One ticket matched 05-14-24-28-36-49 and the Reintegro 07 to win a total of €2,040,607.03. There was also a second-tier win of €688,696.60.

Sunday saw a Lotto 6 aus 45 jackpot win of €3,972,885.80 after one ticket matched 07-12-28-32-34-39. Two tickets won the runners-up prize of € 160,028.40.

The weekend also saw two tickets win a €100,000 Super 6 jackpot by matching 5-4-7-1-3-1. The Joker draw produced three jackpot winners each winning € 82,824.90 by matching 7-6-9-5-3-3.

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