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New research has revealed that people from New Zealand are some of the kindest when it comes to sharing their lottery winnings.

When you dream of winning the lottery, do you think about who you’ll share your fortune with, or how you’ll spend it? We’re sure that you think about both, but which one comes first? Syndicates are always the obvious sharers, including an Australian syndicate which shared a $2 million Oz Lotto prize.

New research from Lotto NZ has revealed that almost 75% of New Zealand Powerball winners think about sharing their windfall before spending it. “The thing that stands out in some of our favourite stories of the year is what our winners are usually thinking of first – other people,” said a Lottery manager, Emilia Mazur. A New Zealand Powerball winner from Porirua recently honoured a long time promise and shared his $15 million prize with a friend.

One recent NZ Powerball winner revealed that he was actually thinking about sharing before he even knew he was a winner. “A week before I won Lotto, I saw an ambulance with a donor’s name on it and thought: ‘that’s what I would do’,” said the Powerball winner from Tauranga, revealing that he then won $5.5 million 10 days later.

And he stayed true to his word, as the NZ Powerball winner has now provided his local hospital with two new ambulances. “They’re going to say ‘donated by a Lotto winner’ on the side,” he explained. “I hope that it will prompt others to pay it forward if they ever find themselves in a privileged position like I have.”

The generous lottery winner explained that his life was saved years ago by a St John’s ambulance, and he said that all he ever wanted to do was to repay the kindness back. A big time Powerball winner from the United States shared the majority of his $259.8 million jackpot with charities, while another US Powerball winner from California planned to share her winnings with family by taking them all on holiday.

“Last year, there were 19 different Powerball winners from far-flung locations and what most of them had in common was the desire to share their good fortune,” NZ lottery manager Ms Mazur continued, in the hopes that these stories will inspire others to do the same, just like a group of friends from Ashburton in New Zealand who shared a $500,000 NZ Lotto win.

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