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A man from St John’s in Newfoundland, Canada, has told lottery officials that since he won nearly $4 million four years ago he has never worked harder.

While many lottery winners choose to retire after they win their millions, David Primmer decided that he couldn’t simply sit back and relax, so he opened a restaurant. The Lotto Max winner, who had never worked in a restaurant before, opened the Fifth Ticket eatery and piano bar in Water Street in downtown St. John’s, naming the venue after his winning ticket. A scratch card winner from Iowa in the USA also planned to open his own restaurant after winning $50,000, while a Mega Millions winner from California opened a steakhouse following a $180 million win.

“I need to stay busy. I need to keep my brain busy,” Mr Primmer explained. “I’m not the type of person to sit down and not do anything.”A group of lottery winners also from Newfoundland recently won $60 million on the Lotto Max, and some of them announced their retirement right away.

In fact, four years since his Lotto Max win, Mr Primmer says he wants to work even harder, and in order to do that he’s decided to sell off half of his business – the piano bar – in order to make sure the restaurant goes from strength to strength. The Lotto Max winner told lottery officials that he hopes the piano bar will go to somebody who will be able to open it more often, as he’s currently only able to open it two nights a week.

Mr Primmer won his Lotto Max prize through his office pool, and opened The Fifth Ticket during a booming economy, which unfortunately hasn’t lasted. “Six months in, oil crashed,” he explained. “Now the oil execs aren’t coming to town anymore. People’s don’t have as much money.”

Despite the difficulties he’s had in his hard work, Mr Primmer said that should be go back in time and win Lotto Max again, he’d do it all again. “Even if it doesn’t work out in the long run, I still got more out of it than I would doing anything else,” he said. A North Carolina lottery winner planned to put her dreams to reality when she won $250,000 and planned to open her own salon.

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