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A woman from Palmerston North in New Zealand has won $1 million on a bonus NZ Lotto ticket which didn’t use her usual numbers.

The NZ Lotto winner, who remained anonymous when she claimed her prize, told lottery officials that she was out for dinner on the evening of the March 21st drawing, and when she left the restaurant she saw a Lotto NZ car parked outside. “I joked to my friend, ‘oh look, they must have our numbers and they’ve come to give us our money,’” the winner said. When a Quebec man won $10 million on the Canadian Lotto Max, his wife automatically assumed he was joking.

“So, the first thing I did when I got home was check my NZ Lotto ticket.” The woman had only been joking, and the last thing she then expected when she got the lottery numbers up online was to find that she had a winner. The winning numbers were not her regular choice, but she had a bonus ticket for the draw, and that was the one which won her the $1 million. A Calgary woman won $1 million on a Lotto 649 ticket which she won in a previous draw.

However, it wasn’t so easy to believe her luck, and the NZ Lotto winner said tat she turned the computer off and then turned it back on again. A Euro Millions winner from Scotland also confessed to turning the computer off and back on again to make sure the winnings numbers were still there. “But when I turned it back on, all the same winning numbers were there,” she said. A Maryland woman who won $250,000 on a scratch card was accused of playing an April Fool’s joke when she announced her win to her family.

The lottery player then called the friend who she’d been out to dinner with. “She picked up the phone and said, ‘I don’t know why you’re ringing me up, we didn’t win the NZ Lotto.’ And I was able to say, ‘well, I did.’” A woman from West Auckland in New Zealand recently won $3.8 million on a NZ Powerball ticket when she’d asked the store clerk for the luckiest ticket they had.

The friend came around to double-check immediately, and the pair of them looked up the local news online and saw that a winning ticket had been sold at Pioneer New World, the same store that the winner had purchased her ticket from. “I started to get excited,” she said, adding that she plans to spend some of her fortune on a family celebration, and she’ll think about the rest after that.

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