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A retired couple from Lafayette in Louisiana, USA, have been revealed as the winners of the $55.9m Powerball jackpot won in the March 24 draw.

The lucky Powerball winners have asked to remain anonymous just like the recent woman from Sydney in Australia who was lucky enough to win a $20m Australian Powerball jackpot.

Their Powerball jackpot prize was claimed on behalf of The Moose Family Trust. The trust has four beneficiaries, the retired couple and their two adult children. It’s not uncommon for a trust to be formed when big lottery wins come along. One of the most recent ones was the trust formed by the $559.7m Powerball jackpot winner from New Hampshire, who battled to retain her anonymity.

The lucky Louisiana winners have opted to receive their Powerball jackpot winnings as a one-off lump sum payment of $33.6 million which after state and federal tax withholdings will see them receive $23.8m. Lake Charles tax attorney Russell J. Stutes Jr. said of the Powerball winners “You couldn’t meet more deserving people.”

He added “This new fortune will allow them to take care of their children and grandchildren; I have no doubt they will make excellent use of the opportunity it presents.”

It’s the latest big win in the state of Louisiana, USA. Last October, Jhirmar Washington, from Vacherie in Louisiana, won $2m playing the Powerball lottery. Also celebrating was 72-year-old James Lapeze from Central in Louisiana, USA, who won a $1m Powerball prize.

The Powerball winning couple now plan to move closer to their children and will also be purchasing new homes for them. In the UK, Vic Eden from Rugeley in Staffordshire, England, shared his £1m UK Lotto win with his family. Also, In the UK, £13.5m UK Lotto jackpot winner Peter Congdon bought his daughter a new home with some of his winnings.

The jackpot winning Powerball ticket was purchased from the Tiger Touch Down 2 on East Milton Avenue in Lafayette. The store received a bonus of $25,000 for selling the winning ticket. The numbers that won them their jackpot were 10-33-45-53-56 and the all-important Powerball 24.

Lafayette is certainly becoming a lucky place to buy Powerball tickets. Last December we reported how a Lafayette attorney claimed the $191.1m Powerball jackpot won by a family in the October 25 Powerball draw. That win was the largest single prize ever won in Louisiana Lottery history.

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