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Not every player checks their tickets at the earliest opportunity. Certainly not a man from Denver in Colorado, USA, who took five months before finally looking at his ticket and realizing he had won a $1,996,761 Colorado Lotto prize.

The lucky winner had purchased a Colorado Lotto ticket for the draw held way back on November 18, 2017 but it wasn’t until this month that he decided to take his ticket to a store to be checked to see if it was a winner or not.

The Colorado Lotto winner explained that it had taken him so long because he prefers to wait until he has several lottery tickets to scan all at once. Arthur Martin from Virginia, USA, had a $1m winning Powerball ticket for a week before discovering his big win. In Georgia, USA, the winners of a $83m Mega Millions jackpot took three months to claim their massive win.

When he finally put his Colorado Lotto ticket through the scanner, five months after the draw it had been purchased for, he wasn’t too sure what to do when it came up ‘Claim at Lottery.’ He checked the results of the draw on his mobile app and was “completely stunned,” when realizing his good fortune.

The numbers drawn in the November 18, 2017 draw were 14-15-21-22-40-41. The Colorado Lotto jackpot win was the first since October 18 and there had been eight rollovers before his big win. It’s surprising that he didn’t break his rule of waiting to have a few tickets before getting them checked as he did hear of the Colorado Lotto jackpot win, but he told lottery officials, “I never thought it was going to be me.”

The winner has asked to remain anonymous, just like the recent $976,000 Saturday Lotto winner from Western Australia.

He faced the same dilemma of how to claim his winnings as that faced by Canadian Charlie Lagarde after her win on a “Gagnant a vie!” Québec scratch card. As she also did, this player has opted for a one-off lump sum payment and will receive $983,380. He plans on using some of his winnings to pay off bills and also save for retirement. However, the Colorado Lotto winner says he also wants to “have a little fun” with his winnings. Perhaps he’ll go to Walt Disney World as English woman Lesley White did after her £1m EuroMillions win.

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