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Many Lottery players have their own way of choosing their numbers. For a woman in Hanover, Maryland, USA, her $30,070 win on a six-spot Keno ticket came from a ticket bought for her by her father and his numbers came from a fortune cookie.

The lucky winner has only been named as the ‘Keno Queen’ and she’d recently joked with her father that he needed to win the lottery to pay for her upcoming marriage. It was only meant as a joke, but her father took her comments seriously. He then went and purchased a Keno ticket from Royal Farms #180 in Owings Mills and it turned out to be a winner.

It’s not the first time that players have had big wins with tickets purchased by someone else. Elizabeth Caltabellotta from Dutchess County in New York, USA, won a $5m Set For Life prize with a ticket her husband bought her. Also, in New York, Jessica McLean received a $1m winning Cash Deluxe scratch card as a present from her boyfriend.

He showed his daughter the Keno ticket he’d purchased, and she started laughing as the numbers had come from a fortune cookie they had been given the night before when enjoying a Chinese dinner. It’s not the first time that fortune cookies have helped players get big wins. Emma Duvoli from New York, USA, did the same and it won her $2m playing Powerball.

The Keno draw took place but the 25-year-old ‘Keno Queen’ was too busy to check the results so her father had that duty. He looked online and couldn’t believe it when discovering the ticket had won $30,070!

Quickly he texted his daughter with the news of the Keno win but initially told her ‘‘Honey I think we just won $30.’ That didn’t really delight her but then he sent another text saying, ‘Not $30, but $30,000!’ and that Keno win did excite the future bride.

It’s the latest big win in the state of Maryland after Jeffery Stone won $50,000 playing the 100x The Cash game. Also celebrating was Kisha Bell after her $50,000 Bonus Match 5 win.

Now this lucky Keno winner plans to use some of her winnings on her upcoming wedding, though whether fortune cookies will be part of the buffet isn’t known. She also plans to save the rest for the future she will have with her ‘Keno King.’

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