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Some players do leave it late to claim their lottery winnings. A woman from Kilkenny in Ireland has come forward to get their €35,584 Irish Lotto win just three days before it was due to expire.

Her win came after matching five numbers and the bonus ball in the February 10 Irish Lotto draw. However, the woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, just like the recent $20m Australian Powerball jackpot winner, had no idea she had won a big lottery prize.

A recent appeal for the Irish Lotto winner to come forward led to the unknowing winner starting a search, just in case she had won anything. English winner James Wilson left it even later to claim his big win. There was just one day left before the expiry date when he came forward with his £51,232 winning EuroMillions ticket. In the USA, Daniel Chase from Michigan, USA, kept a $1m winning Powerball ticket in his wallet for two months.

The Irish Lotto winner said she had lots of old tickets in her handbag and had been thinking of binning them. Scotsman Geordie Rhodick threw a EuroMillions ticket that had won £1m in the bin before his wife checked the Millionaire Maker Raffle code.

Thankfully she was beside a self-scan machine in a shop and decided to “put four or five through just to be sure.” Her luck must have been in as she had a scratch card win for starters and then she got a massive surprise from the final ticket. The machine told her to contact the National Lottery and that’s just what she did. “I called straight away, and I could not believe it was for so much! ” It was the same for Charles and Deborah Bibbs from Virginia, USA, who thought they’d won $250,000 but had in fact won a $1m Mega Millions prize.

The woman thought her win might be a couple of hundred euros, but when finding out her ticket’s real value, she was “in shock all weekend.” Her winning Irish Lotto ticket had been purchased from the Eason Store in the McDonagh Shopping Centre on the day of the draw.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the winner of a €1 million in the EuroMillions Raffle from February 23 purchased at the Eason Store in the Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork City with the winning code I-DKB-06633. Whoever has that ticket has until May 24th to claim their prize.

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