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For a man from Maryland who thought he’d won $7,500 on the Keno Lottery, his visit to lottery headquarters was much sweeter when he was told he’d actually won $30,000.

The 60-year-old Baltimore man, who is retired from his former career as a furniture upholsterer, found out he’d won some money on the Keno lottery when playing with his fiancé at Eutaw Market in the Maryland city. The couple told lottery officials that they often play with “special numbers”, which are usually significant ages, and they check their tickets as they go along. Earlier this year we told you about another Maryland Keno winner who was planning a cruise to the Caribbean with his $12,510 prize.

Last weekend, the couple were playing as usual when the ticket scanner displayed a message telling them to claim their prize at Lottery headquarters, but didn’t display how much they’d won. “I’m pretty good at math and thought I figured it out,” the Keno winner’s fiancé told lottery officials, explaining that when they compared their choice of numbers to those that won, they came up with an amount of $7,500.

We’ve often reported stories of lottery players mistaking their winning amounts, such as a 72-year-old scratch card winner from Iowa who thought she’d won $5,000 when it was actually worth ten times that, and a Fantasy 5 lottery winner from Michigan thought he’d won $100,000 when it was actually worth $390,422.

When Tuesday came around, the couple went to claim their big prize, the amount of which they were happy with. However, once they presented the winning Keno ticket at Maryland Lottery headquarters, they couldn’t have been more delighted with the news. “She called us back and said, ‘Look, you didn’t win $7,500, you won this amount,’” the winner explained. “All we saw was all those zeroes.”

The truth had the pair in tears as they claimed their $30,000 Keno prize, and they told Maryland Lottery officials that they plan to put the winnings towards paying for their upcoming wedding as well as moving house. In a story we told you about yesterday, one member of a Maryland Powerball winning syndicate had a wedding to pay for with her winnings, while a People’s Postcode Lottery winner from Devon in England was about to celebrate her marriage to her childhood sweetheart. The Maryland Keno winners will also help out some family members as they have six children and two grandchildren between them.

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