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A couple from the state of Missouri in the USA have won $1 million on the Powerball lottery thanks to a ticket they almost didn’t buy.

The couple, from Bonne Terre in Missouri, bought an extra fourth ticket for the Powerball lottery on May 5th, but they almost didn’t. Gerald and Norma Rokan said that they were on their way home from church on the night in question when they stopped off at a local store to buy some Powerball tickets. Recently we told you about another Missouri lottery player who won over $82,000 on a scratch card bought with winnings from his last ticket.

“I had money in my billfold,” Mr Rokan said as he explained that he asked the cashier for three Quick Pick tickets, then he changed his mind at the last minute and asked for a fourth. The Powerball player found a few extra dollars in his wallet, “and my comment to her was, ‘This might be an indicator,’” as he wondered if his extra few dollars were a sign of his subsequent good fortune. An Iowan won $30,000 on a scratch card ticket which he bought as an extra while waiting for his father, while a woman, also from Iowa, won $100,000 on a Mega Crossword card that she purchased last minute on top of her regular tickets.

Later that night, Mr Rokan said that he looked through his Powerball tickets and it was the fourth ticket which matched all of the five main numbers, missing the Powerball itself, making his ticket worth $1 million. “At that time I thought, ‘I better try these other glasses’,” the lucky winner laughed. “I just kept comparing it, but I had no idea what I had won. I mean, it shows on that printout, but it still wasn’t registering.” A couple from Montreal in Canada won $55 million on a Lotto Max ticket which they purchased on a whim as they were passing the store.

The Powerball winner broke the news to his wife when she arrived home, but she had a hard time believing him as well. It wasn’t until their son said that a $1 million ticket had been sold in Missouri that the pair of them actually began to believe it. “This is a once in a lifetime thing!” said Mr Rokan as he claimed the $1 million Powerball prize at Missouri Lottery headquarters. A couple from England were able to have a ‘once in a lifetime’ honeymoon after winning £1 million and a dream holiday on the EuroMillions lottery.

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