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A UK Lotto winner who gave away most of her £7.6 million winnings to charity has died, aged 77.

Barbara Wragg, from Sheffield, won £7.6 million on the UK Lotto in 2000 and immediately decided that she wanted to give a large proportion of it away. “As soon as we knew we’d won we made our decision to give much of it away,” Mrs Wragg said at the time of winning back in 2000, explaining that she felt £7.6 million was too much money for one couple to spend. When he won the Powerball lottery in 2014, a Powerball winner from Tennessee insisted he’d be giving most of his $259.8 million prize to charity, while another winner, from New Jersey, set up a charitable foundation with her $429 million Powerball jackpot.

Over the last 18 years, Mr and Mrs Wragg helped friends and strangers as well as 17 different charities which included hospitals and schools. The two big Sheffield United fans sold their home cut-price to a couple of first time buyers and gave £20,000 of the proceeds to local hospitals in the city. We told you a few years ago how Mr and Mrs Wragg spent their Christmas spreading good cheer around Sheffield care homes after winning on the UK Lotto.

The UK Lotto winners also provided for their children, Mark, Shaun and Amanda, and funded reunion trips for army veterans. Earlier this year we had another big lottery win in Sheffield, as a lottery syndicate of couriers won £228,000 on the EuroMilllions.

They did treat themselves while they were being charitable, however, and their UK Lotto win allowed them both to quit their jobs and buy a big house in a fancy area. They also started spending their holidays on cruises, instead of going to Torquay as they’d done for the 31 years previously. A Lotto 649 winner from Canada also planned some holidays after his big win, as well as helping some local good causes.

Even though the UK Lotto win had provided more than enough for their retirement, the charitable couple continued to buy National Lottery tickets, and in 2013 Mrs Wragg said that she hoped to win again so that she could give it all away and make more people happy. Ray Wragg paid tribute to his wife as it was announced that she had died, saying “We were happy before we won and happy afterwards. We had a marvellous 18 years.”

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