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The big win in the midweek lottery draws came in Wednesday’s Lotto 6 aus 45 draw. Two tickets were able to match six numbers to both win €2.559m. It was rollovers elsewhere with the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday up to $97m.

Monday’s Bonoloto draw saw a second-tier win of €178,160.96 and there was another runners-up prize on Wednesday with one ticket winning €190,253.97

On Tuesday, the EuroMillions jackpot was £57.637m but ended in a rollover. The elusive numbers were: 06-11-20-38-43 and the two Lucky Stars 02 and 04. Five tickets won the second-tier prize, one was sold in the UK winning £105,461.70, three in Spain and one in France won €164,503.79. On Friday there’s a £64m jackpot.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot was €40.5m on Tuesday but will rise to €41.4m on Thursday after tickets were unable to match 19-28-42-49-68-83 and the Jolly 67. Previously we reported how a ticket sold in Sassuolo won a €40,192,368 SuperEnalotto jackpot.

In the USA, the Mega Millions draw on Tuesday evening had a top prize of $84m but didn’t produce a jackpot winner. Tuesday’s numbers were: 02-11-55-58-67 and the Mega Ball 02. No tickets were able to win the second-tier prize either unlike Charles and Deborah Bibbs, from Henrico County in Virginia, USA, who won a $1m Mega Millions prize. On Friday the jackpot is $97m.

Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw had a top prize of £1.81m after the £9.2m UK Lotto jackpot was won last Saturday. No repeat win this time though with tickets unable to match 04-05-08-26-32-39 and the Bonus Ball 16. On Saturday, players will be trying to win a jackpot of £5m

The Powerball jackpot was $60m but will be $74m after a rollover in Wednesday’s draw. Tickets found it impossible to match 17-23-26-46-68 and the Powerball 20. There were no second-tier winners either failing to follow in the footsteps of Cindy and Steve Ooley from Fishers in Indiana, USA, who were shocked when finding out they had won $1m playing Powerball.

The top win in the midweek lottery draws came in Wednesday’s Lotto 6 aus 45 draw. Two tickets both won €2,559,318.50 after being able to match 01-04-19-22-30-33. There was also a second-tier win of €196,873.80.

There was also a big winner in Wednesday’s Joker draw with two tickets winning the €121,066.70 top prize.

Don’t forget that on Friday the top prize in the EuroJackpot draw is €90m with some massive runners-up and third-tier prizes up for grabs too. Hopefully we’ll get a big winner just like the Czech Republic winner of a €90m EuroJackpot top prize.

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