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Lottery players in Canada are bracing themselves for the Friday 1 June Lotto Max. The draw has a $60m jackpot but there will also be 50 $1m Maxmillions prizes on offer as part of the draw making it the biggest draw in not just Lotto Max history but all Canadian lotteries.

Last Friday’s Lotto Max saw the jackpot reach its limit of $60 but tickets failed to match 07-10-13-19-24-31-41 and the Bonus Number 01. Seven tickets missed out by one number, each winning $117,769.60. The Maxmillions prizes are only offered when the Lotto Max jackpot reaches $50m with more on offer with each rollover.

In the past we’ve reported on winners such as Carl Villeneuve from Quebec, Canada, who quit his job soon after winning $60m playing the Lotto Max draw. Also celebrating were the syndicate of workers from the Come By Chance Oil Refinery who won a $60m Lotto Max jackpot and we can report that there’s a syndicate in Mont-Tremblant in Quebec who are set on winning this weekend’s Lotto Max jackpot.

Jean Telmosse of the Convenience store Telmosse at Mont-Tremblant hasn’t failed to notice that his customers are rather keen on landing the Lotto Max jackpot or at least one of the Maximillions prizes on offer this Friday.

Therefore, Jean has spent the past week setting up a massive Lotto Max syndicate and the amount staked has been growing and growing as the week goes by. In fact, they have so many people as part of the syndicate, their ticket has 1800 combinations and is 17-metres long.

The value of the Lotto Max ticket is $3,000, and there are 20 players all hoping this weekend will be the one that makes them millionaires. If they do win the Lotto Max jackpot and are the sole winners, then each syndicate member will receive $3m. Last year, three days before Christmas a syndicate from Quebec won the $60m Lotto Max top prize so perhaps history could repeat itself this weekend with another win.

History shows that it’s players in Ontario who have the best luck playing Lotto Max having won five previous $60m Lotto Max jackpots. Joan Patterson from Desboro in Ontario wanted to “re-fence the ranch,” after her $60m Lotto Max win. Also celebrating in Ontario were a group of co-workers who landed their $60m Lotto Max jackpot but still didn’t intend retiring.

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