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Watching a video on YouTube about a Maryland Lottery win inspired a man from the state in the USA to buy a ticket for a Powerball drawing, and then he won $50,000.

The lucky winner, who lives in Bethesda in Montgomery County, Maryland, is originally from Ethiopia, and told lottery officials that he often watches YouTube videos about his home country when he feels homesick. Last week, he just happened to see a Maryland Lottery video about a scratch card winner, and that inspired him to go and buy a lottery ticket of his own. A video also helped find a Kentucky Powerball winner, as a store owner used the surveillance video to track him down.

The Powerball player decided to get a quick pick ticket for the upcoming multi-state lottery drawing on May 19th, taking a chance which he didn’t expect to pay off. However, that ticket matched four numbers in the Powerball drawing, winning the lucky player a huge $50,000. A student from Maryland was inspired by his mother’s good luck to buy a scratch card and won $50,000.

The lottery player said that he checked his ticket at a nearby lottery retailer a few days after the drawing took place, and when he scanned it on the machine, he saw a message congratulating him on his win. Another Maryland Powerball winner ended up celebrating with the entire store after he found out he’d won $50,000.“There were so many zeroes, my head swam for a bit,” the happy Powerball winner said. A couple who won £1 million on the UK Lotto said that they had to keep counting the zeroes to make sure they had the amount right.

Now that he has the $50,000 Powerball winnings in his bank, the lucky player said that it will come in useful as he is currently on a path to US citizenship and can’t work in the country until the process is complete. A trained chef in French cuisine, the lottery winner said that the windfall will help him out until he can get a job.

“This win gives me the equivalent of an annual salary,” he said, adding that he hopes to eventually open his own kitchen and run a small business. A chef from New York State planned to open his own business after winning $2.5 million on a scratch card.

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