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Is your next-door neighbour keeping something from you? Has your brother won a EuroMillions jackpot without telling you? A recent survey has revealed more people are likely to keep a lottery win secret.

A survey recently conducted by the National Lottery in Ireland has revealed that over one in ten Irish people would keep a big win on the EuroMillions lottery secret from their family and friends. An entire 13% of people said that they would not tell a single person, and 34% of people said that they would share the news with only their other half.

Only 6% of people who responded to the EuroMillions survey said that they wouldn’t be able to help themselves from telling everybody they knew, while two in ten people would just share the good news with their parents. The survey was conducted ahead on this Friday’s special EuroMillions Ireland Only raffle, when one Irish player will win a guaranteed €1 million plus a €75 million jackpot is on offer. Recently UK Lotto players were surveyed by the National Lottery and revealed that they preferred to spend their winnings on sharing with family and making memories.

Following their secretive tendencies, Irish EuroMillions players also discussed how they would spend their winnings if they were to score one of the top prizes. Top of the list was traveling the world, like an Irish Lotto syndicate recently shared $8.5 million and revealed they were all planning to travel and fly first class, and getting onto the property ladder, just like a recent Irish EuroMillions winner who bought her own home with her €500,000.

19% of people said that they would use their EuroMillions winnings to buy a car, like Tom Naylor from South Staffordshire in England who bought a different car for every day of the week after his £15.5 million UK Lotto win.

A lot of people were keen on the idea of donating money to charity, with the Irish Cancer Society and Pieta House being the organisations most likely to receive a donation thanks to a EuroMillions win. Recently we told you about the UK’s most charitable Lotto winner who died aged 77 after giving away most of her £7.6 million windfall. Finally, players revealed how they go about playing the lottery, with picking numbers at random, using the Quick Pick option and choosing family birth dates all being popular with about one third of lottery players.

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