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A lucky male lottery player from Hamilton in New Zealand bought a New Zealand Powerball ticket on a whim and won the $9.3m jackpot in the June 2 draw. His win promises to be very good news for his children.

The New Zealand Powerball winner has asked for anonymity, just like recent $15m Oz Lotto winner from Victoria in Australia. He’d taken his children to the hairdressers in Chartwell Mall on the day of the draw and decided to buy a New Zealand Powerball ticket on their way back to his car.

The Hamilton resident has a ritual of always checking how many people had won before getting around to looking at his own to see if he’d won anything as that builds up a bit of suspense. Finally, he checked the New Zealand Powerball results on his Lotto NZ app and the words “major prize winner” flashed up.

His children knew something big had just happened as suddenly their father started shaking in shock at his New Zealand Powerball win. He then asked them “What would you do if we won Lotto?” Their reply was that they would like a new house, a puppy, visit family and go and holiday.The New Zealand Powerball winner said, “It was fun just dreaming of all the things we could do.” In England, Jane Wyatt couldn’t wait to treat her sons after winning a £1m UK Lotto prize.

Still unsure of his win, he checked the numbers on his New Zealand Powerball ticket and they all matched. He admits to it all feeling like a dream, which is similar to how American Patricia Busking felt when discovering her $393m Mega Millions win. Then the celebrations began as his youngest son started jumping and shouting.

The numbers drawn out in the June 2 New Zealand Powerball draw were 05-07-08-12-14-29 and the Powerball 07 and his total win was $9,333,333. That’s the same amount another man from Hamilton won playing New Zealand Powerball in 2015.

Those numbers were ideal If using birthdays and anniversaries, just like Rose Ditano from Virginia, USA, who won $1m playing Mega Millions.

The New Zealand Powerball winner waited until Tuesday morning to travel to Auckland to claim his prize. As well as the new house and puppy, he wants to help friends who have supported him in hard times and says his New Zealand Powerball win will make a huge difference to his family.

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