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A $12m New Zealand Powerball jackpot was won in the Saturday June 30 draw by a man from Auckland and it’s proved to be a double celebration for the lucky winner who celebrated his birthday just prior to becoming a lottery millionaire.

The New Zealand Powerball winner has asked to remain anonymous just like the recent €150,000 Irish Lotto winners. He was on holiday in Wanaka and decided to go to the New World supermarket to get some food for a birthday dinner with lamb and a salad on his shopping list.

He was heading back to his car with his wife but then saw the queue at the Lotto counter and decided to buy a New Zealand Powerball ticket. It was a long queue with players dreaming of winning the $12m jackpot and that nearly put the eventual winner off and he admits that he came close to leaving the queue and not buying the ticket that would make him a New Zealand Powerball millionaire.

Thankfully, he took the advice of his wife and decided to stay in the queue. “He was getting a bit impatient and wanted to head back to the house, but I wouldn’t let him,” she said. “After all, what’s another couple of minutes?”  It turned out to be $12,166,667 after their New Zealand Powerball ticket matched 12-16-23-29-31-39 and the Powerball 01.

The winning New Zealand Powerball couple have returned home to Auckland now, that’s also the home of a man who had two big NZ Lotto wins in a week.  The couple still haven’t told their children about the New Zealand Powerball jackpot win and they are sure that will be a “memorable moment.”

It’s the latest big win after a man won a $9.3m New Zealand Powerball jackpot in the June 2 draw. The latest New Zealand Powerball winners do want to use their winnings to help others. A recent survey showed that New Zealand lottery players are some of the kindest when it comes to sharing their winnings.

The couple love travelling and sports so some of their New Zealand Powerball win will be spent that way. Possible trips in the pipeline are to Japan next year for the Rugby Union World Cup and perhaps the 2020 Tokyo Olympics too. Recent £3m National Lottery scratchcard winner James Evans from England dreams of going to the 2018 World Cup Final if England make it through.

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