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A woman from Montana in the USA has become a lottery winner twice in the space of just one day as she won on two different scratch cards.

Cheyenne Long is from the town in Kalispell in Montana, and this month she won a total of $77,000 thanks to the Power Play Gold Crossword scratch card. According to lottery officials, Ms Long bought her first scratch card on July 1st, and won $2,000 at which she was delighted. A woman from Kansas told lottery officials that crossword themed scratch cards were her favourite after she won $100,000 on one.

However, the Montana woman’s good luck didn’t finish there, and she had a gut feeling to buy another of the same crossword themed scratch card. Later that day, when she was out running errands, she bought three more of the Power Play Gold crossword scratch card, and one of those tickets won her the game’s top prize worth $75,000. Recently a man from Australia was dubbed the country’s luckiest man when he won the Lotto twice in a week, while a New Zealander also won the NZ Lotto twice in the same week.

“It was a super genuine and blissful moment,” Ms Long told Montana Lottery officials. The first of her two winning scratch cards was purchased from Michael’s east store in Evergreen, while the second was purchased from a Holiday gas station in Havre. A Californian recently won $750,000 on a crossword themed scratch card, despite not being able to speak English.

The lucky scratch card winner told Montana Lottery officials that she plans to use her $77,000 winnings to pay off her bills. Despite seeming like she has it all together, the lucky lottery winner told Montana officials that she was in shock both of the times that she won and had to keep asking herself if she’d really won. We recently told you about some other Montana lottery winners who were really surprised when they won.

The lucky scratch card winner is currently training for her personal training certificate and hopes to become a pilot. With a dream of travel, hopefully this Montana Lottery win will help Ms Long towards achieving her dreams, with a bit of personal training on the side.

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