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Reginald Roberts from Australia banked a $973,320 windfall won playing the Australian Lottery but his win in April of this year has sparked controversy. That’s because Roberts is a Hells Angels motorcycle gang member currently in jail awaiting trial on drugs charges.

The 64-year-old was jailed after being arrested in connection to a cargo ship filled with the largest amount of crystal meth in South Australian history valued at $270m. His Australian lottery win was revealed this week by Australian Federal Police who confirmed that Roberts had deposited the Australian Lottery winnings into his bank account. He’s been in jail since February of this year but still managed to purchase a lottery ticket and win $1.33m.

However, just a few days after the bank deposit was made, it disappeared and now Australian Federal Police investigators are trying to work out where the money has gone to. A man who answered a mobile phone linked to Roberts declined to answer questions about the transaction and simply said “Reg didn’t win it,” before hanging up.

Questions are also being asked as to how the prisoner was able to purchase tickets for the Australian lottery while being in jail and whether prisoners should be able to do so though it is currently legal. Disputes can happen over lottery wins, we recently told you of two family members rowing over the sharing of a $1.2m Chase the Ace lottery win.

Authorities say that the lotto winnings are not suspicious but added that they didn’t know how Roberts was able to buy an Australian lottery ticket. He’s been lucky but not as lucky as Carlo Massetti from Sydney, Australia who has had five Oz Lotto wins in three months. Perhaps he’ll be lucky and get another win just like the couple from Western Australia who had two million-dollar Australian Lottery wins in a year.

Roberts used to work as a truck driver. In Maryland, USA, transportation driver Vincente Weaver won a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize.  Lorry driver Simon Beech from England celebrated after his £1m EuroMillions win.

In May 2015, Reginald was declared bankrupt and had a month left of protection before he had his big Australian lottery win. The Australian Financial Security Authority say that he would have been required to tell them of any massive Australian Lottery win and there are penalties that can be imposed if that doesn’t happen.

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