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Two men from the Queens area of New York City, USA, are celebrating after becoming millionaires thanks to wins playing the New York Lottery.

LuIgi Macchione from Ridgewood has been playing the New York Lottery twice a week for 20 years. His patience finally paid off with a $9.5m New York Lottery jackpot in the draw held on May 30 and this week he was delighted to collect his fantastic prize at Resorts World Casino in New York,

Some players do take a while before getting that big win such as Robert Lundstedt from Massachusetts, USA, who waited 26 years before a $900,000 Mass Cash win.

49-year-old Luigi didn’t check the results of the May 30 New York Lottery draw until June 2. “The machine kept beeping saying I had a big winner! I couldn’t believe how much noise it was making!” said the delighted New York Lottery winner.

He’s opted to accept his New York Lottery jackpot win as a one-off payment of $3,872,793 after required withholdings.  In Canada, John Wedlock also decided to accept a $7m Daily Grand prize as a one-off payment.

He plans to invest his winnings and hopes it’ll allow early retirement from work. It’s the latest big win in New York City after Marquele Tomlin won the $1m top prize on a $1,000,000 Double Sided Dollars scratchcard.

Also celebrating is Andreas Chung from Flushing in New York. His daily schedule sees him having breakfast at the Flushing Mini-Food Market before going to work. He decided to try his luck on a $10,000,000 Cash scratchcard having previously having a previous $40 win on one. Repeat wins can happen, just ask Cheyenne Long from Montana, USA, who had two big scratchcard wins in one day. In Ireland, Susan Grace had two wins but had to wait 11 years before winning €50,000 on a National Lottery scratchcard.

The 35-year-old was walking to his car when he scratched off the $10,000,000 Cash scratchcard and couldn’t believe it when he discovered he’d won the $10m top prize. “I scratched it and then ran to the car. I must have sat there just staring at it for 30 or 40 minutes.” said Chung.

He’s decided to accept his $10,000,000 Cash scratch card as a one-off payment of $6,330,400 after required withholdings.  He knows exactly what he wants to do with his winnings declaring that “I’m going to stop paying rent and buy a nice house.”

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