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A man from Ontario in Canada is celebrating after he won $100,000 on the country’s Lotto 649 Super Draw.

The Lotto 649 drawing took place on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, but the lucky winner from South Woodslee, near to Windsor in Ontario, came forward to claim his prize at the beginning of this month. Paul Fuerth won his $100,000 as part of the Lotto 649 Super Draw, where guaranteed prizes are offered in addition to the main jackpot. Another man from the Windsor area of Ontario told lottery officials that his jaw dropped, literally, after he found out he’d won a $1 million Lotto 649 prize.

On February 14th, 14 guaranteed $100,000 prizes were on offer, as well as another $1 million grand prize, and the jackpot which was worth just over $7 million, and won by a single ticket in the province of Québec. Mr Fuerth purchased his winning ticket for the Lotto 649 from a store called Fairview Variety, which is on Maidstone Avenue in Essex, close to where the lucky winner lives in South Woodslee. A man from the same area recently won $1.6 million on the Lotto 649 and announced that he was heading straight for retirement.

The Lotto 649 Super Draw selects from a choice of numbers which were printed on players’ tickets, separate to the usual lottery numbers, and Mr Fuerth became a little richer on February 14th, along with 13 other $100,000 winners who were from all over Canada, one of whom was Antonio Basile, from Vaughn in the York region of Ontario who described his $100,000 Lotto 649 prize as ‘unreal’.There was also a syndicate from Maryland in the USA who won big on the Powerball lottery on Valentine’s Day after playing together for 15 years.

There were lots of other winners on that day as well, with prizes in the main draw ranging from almost $300,000 to a free play on the next Lotto 649 drawing. There was no word from the lucky winner over how he would spend his $100,000, although one of his neighbours in Windsor recently bought a new Cadillac following a $200,000 Lotto Max win.

Ontario Lottery officials announced that since its launch back in 1982, players of the Lotto 649 have won more than $12.2 billion dollars. 1,356 of those wins have been from the lottery jackpot, and 242 from guaranteed $1 million prizes in the super draw.

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