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The top lottery midweek draws all ended in rollovers with the Powerball top prize going through the $200m mark.

The week got off to a good start with a jackpot win in Monday’s Bonoloto draw with one ticket winning €1.944.178,16 in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. More success on Wednesday with a €172.663.51 second-tier win.

There was a £50.37m EuroMillions jackpot up for grabs on Tuesday but tickets were unable to match 20-25-34-42-45 and the two Lucky Stars 06 and 11 (the third time in four draws 06 has been a Lucky Star and the second successive draw the two Lucky Stars have been 06 and 11). There were four runners-up winners with a ticket sold in the UK winning £177,664,90 and three tickets, including two in France and Ireland won €278,540. On Friday, the jackpot is £61m with players hoping to follow in the footsteps of Welshman Richard Davies who scooped £1m playing EuroMillions.

The SuperEnalotto draw on Tuesday had a jackpot of €20.5m but no winner of the top prize was achieved. The elusive numbers were 23-32-49-53-61-85 and the Jolly 87. One ticket sold at the Rivendita Giornali of via casale 32 in Alessandria in the northwest region of Piedmontese won the third-tier prize of €152.779.06 Thursday’s draw will have a €21.3m top prize.

In the USA, the Mega Millions draw had a top prize of $45m, a week after a ticket sold in California won a $522m Mega Millions jackpot. No such luck this time with players unable to match 12-15-35-64-69 and the Mega Ball 09 meaning a top prize of $50m on Friday. No tickets won the second-tier prize unlike Jennifer Perez from Manhattan in New York, who won $1m playing Mega Millions.

Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw saw players trying to win a £6.45m jackpot. The numbers drawn were 15-17-18-34-46-54 and the Bonus Ball 04. On Saturday, the top prize is £9.1m, hopefully we’ll get a big winner just like Tom Naylor from England who won a £15.5m UK Lotto jackpot 17 years ago.

The Powerball top prize was a massive $187m but it’s gone through the $200m barrier after another rollover. The numbers tickets just couldn’t get were 05-22-32-28-58 and the Powerball 26. There were two second-tier winners with the tickets sold in Vermont and California. They both won a million dollars just like Gerald and Norma Rokan from Missouri, USA who won a $1m Powerball prize. On Saturday there’s a $203m jackpot to be won.

Back in Europe, there was one jackpot win with one lucky ticket winning the Super 6 top prize winning €100.000.

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