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A family from Donegal in Ireland are looking forward to becoming mortgage-free after they won a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus prize in the August 17 draw.

Their winning EuroMillions ticket was purchased from Oldtown Stores in Oldtown in Letterkenny. The winning EuroMillions Plus numbers that won them €500,000 were 10-24-32-41-48 but it wasn’t until the following day that they discovered their big win.

It’s the latest bit of Irish luck in the EuroMillions draw after a family in the southeast of the country won a €1,005,000 EuroMillions prize. Also celebrating were a family from Donegal who won €111,271 playing the Irish Lotto.

“We heard about the EuroMillions win in Donegal on Saturday morning, so we hopefully checked our tickets on the National Lottery app, but we never believed in a million years it would be us. It’s absolutely insane.” said the winning father. He added: “It just doesn’t feel real, even now as we’re sat here in the winner’s room.”

The EuroMillions winners already have plans for their €500,000 windfall and say that it’s “an incredible prize which will make a huge difference to our family.”  They are looking forward to the prospect of becoming mortgage-free just like a family from Cork in Ireland who paid off their mortgage after a €500,000 EuroMillions win.

However, the most important aspect for the EuroMillions winning family is that “our children will have the best possible start in life.”  English couple Adam and Amy Pryor used some of their £1m EuroMillions win to help care for their ill daughter. Irishman Philip Maher scooped a €500,000 EuroMillions windfall but said health was more important than money.

Meanwhile, just ten days after taking over running the Mace shop on St Peter’s Road in Walkinstown, Dublin, Santosh Kumar has sold a €500,000 winning EuroMillions Plus ticket for the August 24 draw. He’d only just finished installing his Lotto terminal a few days ago.

Talking about selling the EuroMillions winning ticket, the shop owner said: “We only became a National Lottery agent this week so it’s a complete shock to us! We have just finished installing our lottery terminal in the store so to have a massive win like this almost immediately is just fantastic for us.”

The EuroMillions winner has yet to come forward and claim their prize but Mr Kumar said the majority of his customers are from the local area. The winning EuroMillions Plus numbers were: 10-14-19-37-49.

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