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An Islander from the Isle of Wight, a small island community off the south coast of England, has won a huge £250,000 on a National Lottery scratch card.

The winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous after claiming their big prize, bought their winning scratch card from Shanklin News on Regent Street in the town of Shanklin earlier this month, and to their assumed disbelief it turned out to be worth £250,000, the top value prize on the scratch card that they bought. A couple from the Isle of Wight won almost $150,000 on the EuroMillions lottery and said that they had their Labrador dog to thank for their good fortune.

The winner has given permission for the owners and store workers at Shanklin News to celebrate selling the winning ticket, despite the fact that they want to keep their identity a secret. A lottery retailer in Australia said that he felt like father Christmas after selling a winning Saturday Lotto ticket at his store.

Raj Patel, the owner of Shanklin News, told local press that this recent scratch card winner isn’t his only big win, as another of his regular customers won a top prize around four years ago. The store is now decorated in balloons, banners and bunting which have been provided by Camelot, the company which oversees the National Lottery.

News of the big win has spread around the Isle of Wight town, and Mr Patel said that his scratch cards have been flying out of the door as people hear that he’s sold a lucky ticket. When news spread of a local $1 million Powerball prize, a woman from Charlotte in North Carolina assumed that the winner was somebody else without realising that she was holding the winning ticket the whole time, however when a man from Billingham in England started spreading the news of his £20,000 UK Lotto win, he soon regretted it when it actual turned out to be a free UK Lotto lucky dip rather than a cash prize.

In fact, they’ve been selling so fast that he’s sold out of a lot of them and will need lottery officials to help him restock. When a group of employees from a bank in California won $543 million on the Mega Millions lottery, the bank suddenly became very popular with local customers who wanted to congratulate them and perhaps have some of their good fortune rub off.

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