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Getting one lottery win is cause enough for celebration but a player from Colorado, USA, known only as ‘Paul G.’ has had three Colorado Lottery wins in a year and a half winning $1m.

Multiple lottery wins for players isn’t that rare. Stefan Mendel used mathematics to win 14 lottery jackpots. In Montana, USA, Cheyenne Long had two Power Play Crossword scratch card wins in one day.

The Colorado Lottery announced that the lucky player had been fortunate enough to win three scratch card prizes since March 2017. His run of good luck began when he won $250,000 on a Thrilling Crossword scratch card that certainly lived up to its name.

Some players are just lucky, just like Canadian Charles Caron from Ontario who won a $675,000 Set For Life prize with the first one that he purchased.  We don’t know the full name of this lucky Colorado player, but a recent National Lottery survey said that 44-year-old tradesmen with the name of Derek are the most likely to get a big win.

Paul G didn’t get any further big wins in 2017 and he had to wait until August of this year for his next big win. This time he won $500,000 on a Second Chance draw held for the Idyllic Dollars/Brilliant Bucks draw. That sees players able to submit non-winning scratch cards through the Colorado Lottery website and app to be given a second chance of being a winner.

Some players have to wait a long time before a second big win comes along. Susan Grace from Kilkenny in Ireland had an 11-year gap between a €50,000 Winning Streak prize and her recent €50,000 win on a National Lottery scratch card.

August must be a lucky month for him as just two weeks later his lottery wins reached the million-dollar mark as he won $250,000 playing the Royal Crossword game. He’s so lucky perhaps he’d get another win if moving to Arizona, USA, to play the new Alice Cooper scratch card.

Winning a trio of lottery prizes has been a big shock for the lucky Colorado Lottery player. When he won the $500,000 Second Chance windfall, Colorado Lottery officials surprised him by going to his house to award him his cheque and Paul admits that he didn’t know what to say. When asked if he ever thought he’d be holding a cheque for $500,000, he replied: “No, but I’m sure happy I am.”

You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so play online now at