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Richard Rinaudot from Florida, USA, returned to his native state of Maryland and while there he purchased a Powerball ticket that won $50,000 in the draw held on August 18.

On retirement he moved to Florida 15 years ago and returned last month to visit his children and grandchildren in Ocean City. Last week we told you of James Smith from Pennsylvania, USA, who won $15,000 playing Keno while visiting Ocean City. Last December an Irish priest now living in Florida paid a visit home and while there landed a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus prize.

The 77-year-old plays Powerball every week and while driving from the airport to Ocean City, his wife, Jackie, asked if they could make a stop for a sandwich. While at the One Stop convenience store in Queen Anne, Richard decided it was time to get some tickets for the next Powerball and Mega Millions draws. Welshman Arthur Griffiths went to buy some milk and also purchased a £1m winning EuroMillions ticket.

Sandwiches and Powerball tickets purchased, the couple then made their way to their destination and it wasn’t until two days after the August 18 draw that he checked his Powerball ticket at a nearby 7-Eleven store. Rather than checking his Powerball ticket on the scanner, he asked for a printout of the winning numbers then went back to where he was staying and checked his ticket and discovered the $50,000 win.

His Powerball ticket had matched four of the main balls and the Powerball. One more main number would have won him $1m. The numbers drawn were: 24-34-52-61-67 and the Powerball 16. With numbers like that he wasn’t using birthday and anniversaries unlike a grandfather from Virginia, USA, who used family birthdays from four generations to win $10,710 playing Mega Millions.

His wife recalled the moment Richard told him of their Powerball win. “He told me he had good news and bad news,” said Jackie. “I told him to give me the good news first.” Well, the bad news was that they missed the jackpot by one number. The good news … they still enjoyed a $50,000 win.

The Powerball winner plans on sharing his win equally with his wife and they will also help their three adult children. A trip to Las Vegas is also a possibility, Canadians Bradley and Janice McNeill want to buy a holiday property after their $1m Lotto Max win.

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