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A big fan of the Powerball lottery, a man from Maryland who works as a CEO for a non-profit organisation has found a profit of his own worth $50,000.

The lucky winner, who didn’t reveal his name but is from the Montgomery County area of Maryland, matched four numbers and the Powerball number in the drawing on August 29th. His $50,000 win is not the 78-year old’s first Powerball win, but it is certainly his largest. A couple from Toronto in Canada recently saw their lottery patience pay off with a $32 million Lotto Max win.

The Germantown resident told Maryland Lottery officials that he regularly plays Powerball using a combination of family birthdays as well as a Quick Pick selection. The lucky winner buys multiple tickets every week, making sure that he doesn’t miss out. Another recent Maryland Powerball winner won $50,000 thanks to her combination of family birthdays.

Previously the Powerball player has won $100 a couple of times, but this $50,000 is the most he’s ever expected to win. Buying his tickets for the August 29th drawing, the lucky winner did nothing different to usual, it was only the result that was out of the ordinary.

13 tickets nationwide won the $50,000 Powerball prize, but this non-profit CEO was the only Marylander to win in this tier. He told lottery officials that he bought his ticket winning at 6-12 Convenience Mart in Germantown and bought tickets for the following four drawings using the same numbers. A dump truck driver from Maryland also recently won $50,000 on the Powerball lottery but said he’d continue driving his truck after his win.

After the August 29th drawing, the winner pulled up the Powerball numbers on his phone and was astounded to see that he’d matched four plus the Powerball. The lucky winner said that he then waved his wife over to him in their dining room and broke the news that they’d won $50,000 on the Powerball lottery.

The lottery prize will enable him to pay off a loan he currently has against his against his car, share some with his family, and enjoy more of his hobbies including golf and travel. For a couple from Bromley in England, their lives were set to include much more golf after winning £1.25 million on the EuroMillions, while a New Yorker said that he was planning to buy a new set of golf clubs with part of his $9.8 million New York Lotto windfall.

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