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On October 19, André Jones from Upper Marlboro in Maryland, USA, decided to buy his first ever Powerball ticket. The following night he won a $50,000 prize.

The 29-year-old described his Powerball win as ‘beginner’s luck.’ He plays keyboards and drums for a professional gospel group and after a rehearsal on October 19 felt so thirsty that he decided to go to Royal Farms #166 in Upper Marlboro to get a drink.

While there, he found a $20 bill in his pocket and with people chatting about the record-breaking October 23 Mega Millions jackpot, he thought to himself, “I’m not missing this.’ He spent $10 on the Mega Millions draw and the other $10 on Powerball. In England, Ivan Brown found some spare change and bought a £1m winning EuroMillions ticket.

The Prince George’s County resident didn’t check the results of the Powerball right away but decided to do so when waking up during the night. Firstly, he checked his Mega Millions tickets and discovered he’d matched one of the main balls and the Mega Ball to win $4. Then he checked his Powerball tickets and discovered he’d got another winner on one of them, but this time a much larger sum. That’s just like the woman from New South Wales in Australia who won a $1,000 but also bagged a $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot.

The lucky Powerball player had matched four of the main numbers and the Powerball winning himself $50,000. Not sure if he had really won that much, he downloaded the Maryland Lottery App and scanned his ticket “It said, ‘Congratulations, you’ve won $50,000!’” André said. “It was just a great feeling, not just the money, but the whole experience.” In Canada, a syndicate of croupiers won a $1m Lotto Max prize with the first ticket they bought.

His grandfather and aunt are regular lottery players and he decided to get in touch with them. He didn’t immediately tell them about his Powerball win. “I asked if they had won, then I told them, ‘I just won $4 in Mega Millions — and $50,000 in Powerball.’”

The Powerball winner plans to pay off some bills and put some of his winnings towards buying a house. Canadian David Pouchelu bought a new mobile home after his $1m Lotto Max win.

He also wants to buy some new instruments and declared, “I might have to spoil myself!” Saturday’s Powerball draw has a $750m jackpot… don’t miss this opportunity and purchase your tickets online now at