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A man from Maryland who had a feeling he should take a chance on the lottery ended up with a Bonus Match 5 win worth $50,440.

The 80-year-old, from Silver Spring, told Maryland Lottery officials that he doesn’t regularly play the Bonus Match 5, but that he followed a feeling he had and took a chance on the game on October 29th. A new father from Kansas was feeling so lucky after the birth of his baby daughter that he bought a winning $25,000 Kansas Lottery ticket.

The lucky player bought a ticket using his own choice of numbers and ended up $50,440 richer. Another occasional Bonus Match 5 player was a retired Maryland postman who won $50,000 on the game, while a nursing student from Manhattan took home $1 million on the Mega Millions recently despite confessing to being a sporadic player.

The Maryland man, who is a retired attorney, bought nine lines for the Bonus Match 5 drawing, took his ticket home with him and carried on with his day, completely forgetting it was in his pocket until he watched the news later that night. “I didn’t even realise it right away,” the lottery winner said of his win. “Then, I went back for another look and noticed I had some matching numbers.” On the other end of the spectrum, a Maryland man who confessed to being a big lottery fan recently won $700,000 on the Multi-Match lottery.

It took him a while to check all his nine lines against the winning Bonus Match 5 numbers, and the winner was astounded to see that he had won a prize on each line. On the third line, he’d matched all five numbers, which won him the top prize of $50,000, adding all his prizes up to $50,440. Another Maryland lottery winner was a woman from Woodlawn who won $50,000 on the Powerball after choosing her numbers based on family birthdays.

The lucky Silver Spring winner is a father and grandfather but didn’t immediately share the good news with his large family. He explained to Maryland Lottery officials that his wife was asleep at the time and that all his children have moved out of the house.

Instead, the Bonus Match 5 winner simply put the ticket away and waited until the next day, when he could claim his prize. The retiree now plans to use his winnings to pay off some bills and help out his family.

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