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First Time Player Wins $10,410 Racetrax Prize

You know it’s your lucky day when you land $10,410 on Racetrax and it’s the first time you’ve ever played. That’s what happened to a 77-year-old woman from Aberdeen, Maryland, USA.

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The grand winner has decided to remain anonymous, but she’s been given the alias ‘Lucky Grandmom’ within the state. It may have been her first go on at Racetrax but she’d been a regular player of scratch-cards buying one or two a week. Her friends are all fans of horses so that led to her placing a Superfecta bet with the numbers 03-07-09 and 04.

Superfecta Super Win

The Superfecta bet requires you to get the first four home in the right order and that’s just what her randomly generated numbers did. That won her the $10,410 Racetrax prize, not that the retired woman watched the all-important race.

When she finally learnt that her first attempt on the Racetrax game had won her a big prize, it was totally unexpected. “I was just shocked, I couldn’t believe it,” said the delighted winner. When calming down, she got on the phone to her daughter to tell her the news of her win. Her daughter accompanied “Lucky Grandmom” to the Maryland Lottery HQ to claim the prize.

Holiday Treats on the Way

The Racetrax winner plans to pay a few of her bills with her windfall. Also planned is holiday shopping for her family as well as a special treat for herself.

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