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Regina charity lottery winners have special connection to Hospital Foundation

Two charity lottery winners from Regina, Canada have revealed that they have a special connection to the hospital’s foundation through which they took home their top prize.

Raising money for what’s important

The Hospitals of Regina Foundation lottery raises money for the city’s hospitals every year and so far, this year they have raised more than $1.5 million. The money raised is due to be invested in imaging technology including a new MRI, CT scanner and ultrasound machines.

Bev Crossman and her husband Garth Robson have been supporting the Foundation’s lottery since its inception. Earlier this year they won its grand prize, a $1.1 million show home and $30,000. The couple said that they have an emotional connection to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation since their family have all benefited from its resources.

Support that benefits everyone

“This week our grandson had an injury, so he needed to have an image of his leg taken,” Mrs Crossman said, adding that the need for hospital fundraising affects everyone. “Who hasn’t been in for an X-ray?” she pointed out. “I know I’ve had MRIs done and the more accurate pictures they get, the better it is for the patients.”

Couldn’t have come at a better time

Another couple who won the charity lottery top prize was the Kosloski family, who said that their luxury lake house was the perfect win at a difficult time. “About three months ago I got diagnosed with cancer,” said Mr Kosloski.

Mr and Mrs Kosloski have been playing the charity lottery for 20 years, and their win of a lakeview cottage, pontoon boat and $5,000 cash couldn’t have come at a better time. “It didn’t matter if we won anything or not because it’s for a good cause,” added Mrs Kosloski. “Never ever would have expected this to happen to us. It’s unbelievable.”

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