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Powerball Winner ignores Granny’s Advice to grab $1 million

Whenever Adam Bradley from Westerville in Ohio, USA, saw his grandmother, she tried to put him off playing the lottery. He didn’t listen to her though and it’s a good job too, because he won a $1m prize in the April 28 Powerball draw.

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His win may have been eight months ago, but it was only recently that he came forward to claim his Powerball prize. The delighted but cautious Powerball winner explained that he wanted to take some time to work out just how to use his winnings.

After a lot of thought he has decided to buy a new house, take a long family vacation and save the rest of his Powerball winnings. “Winning is nice, it gives me a sense of financial security,” said the contented winner.

The jubilant Powerball winner recalled how It could in fact have been his mother who became a lottery millionaire. He was going for dinner with his mother and grandmother but wanted to stop off and buy some lottery tickets.

A tale of two tickets

“My mom gave me $4 and I bought two separate tickets. When I got back to the car, I gave her one and kept one.” That didn’t impress his grandmother who pessimistically declared “‘I don’t know why you play, no one ever wins!’”

It was the following morning that a family member read out the winning Powerball numbers and Bradley realized he’d had a big win. The shocked Powerball prize winner said, “I couldn’t believe my ears” and just couldn’t stop shaking.

Of course, he had to tell his grandmother the news of his Powerball prize. He had great delight in telling her “It turns out you were one million times wrong!’”

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