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Scratch card winner spreads his Lottery love

A North Carolinian scratch card winner is spreading the lottery love after a bumper win. He won $250,000 and is going to donate to help poor children in the Dominican Republic.

Spreading the love at all times of the year

Roberto Mendoza has been spreading his fortune for many years. He grew up poor and hungry in El Salvador. His prayer was to never feel hunger, and to help others too.

After a fraught childhood, Mr Mendoza ended up in California. He became a chef and worked in Beverly Hills. He has cooked for Presidents, Royals and Football teams.
Memories of his childhood

lottery love winner
Roberto Mendoza with his winnings

An event in North Carolina reminded him of his childhood prayer. “God made me a chef because I suffered too much hunger in El Salvador.” He provided holiday food for the homeless. Then he set his sights on the Dominican Republic.

A $10,000 tax refund paid for land in the Dominican Republic to set up a cafeteria. But that wasn’t enough, until he bought a lottery ticket when paying for gas.
The scratch off lottery ticket was a rare purchase. “I scratched the top and saw the match for $250,000,” he said. His reaction was joy and pure delight. He could finally finish the construction on his Dominican project.

A Valentine’s win is the love and fortune he needed

The lottery winner insists it isn’t his money. It is destined to do so much more. Work on his cafeteria continues, but still more funds need to be raised.
In the meantime, the $250,000 winner will continue working. He loves his job, whether feeding the rich or the poor. “When you are hungry, there is no language,” he said. “Just your stomach growling.”

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