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National Lottery winner reveals the joy it has brought him and his family

A National Lottery winner from the Wirral has revealed the value of his big win 14 years later. Ben Woods won £2.5 million on a UK Lotto Lucky Dip in 2004.

national lottery winner ben woods
Ben Woods with his winnings in 2004

Mr Woods became a millionaire when he was just 23. His Lucky Dip ticket was a gift from his mum. Now, he’s revealed what the lottery win has allowed him to do ever since.

Spending on luxuries

Initially, the National Lottery winner splashed his cash. He bought houses, luxury cars and trips to faraway locations. Some of his luxury holidays included Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York.

Lottery organisers Camelot advised him to invest the rest of his winnings. Now, Mr Woods is still living off that investment.

Becoming a family man

Three years after the jackpot win, he met his wife. The couple now has three daughters together. Mr Woods said that his children have helped him realise the true value of his lottery win.

The Wirral man quit his job with Merseyrail. He is able to spend time taking care of his children. The National Lottery winner said he didn’t see much of his own father when he was growing up. “When I was younger my mum and dad both worked,” he explained.

national lottery winner work
Ben Woods recently returned to his old work location

The National Lottery has allowed him to do something many parents can’t. He can be there for his children all day, every day. “I can be there for my children as they grow up,” he added.

Understanding the value of his National Lottery win

Now that the children are all at school, he plans to go back to work. Mr Woods wants his children to see the importance of working. “We don’t want our children to think that we just sit around.”

Fourteen years on from his big win, Mr Woods says he hasn’t changed. “It doesn’t change you as a person,” he said. “It just changes your circumstances.”

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