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EuroMillions winning family are overwhelmed by their publicity

The recent €175 million EuroMillions winning family has revealed the overwhelming reality of their big win. The lottery millionaires said the publicity they’ve received is taking its toll.
An overwhelming change

Matt Rogers, one of the lucky winners from north Dublin, has likened the experience so far to like being in jail. Together with his siblings, Mr Rogers won the €175 million EuroMillions jackpot last month. The family celebrated at the Bracken Court Hotel in Co. Dublin.

However, Mr Rogers said that they’ve now received a little too much interest. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. “I was happy at the start, but now with all this,” he said, referring to the phone calls. “It’s like being in prison.”

A new normal for the EuroMillions winning family

The family still haven’t gotten used to their good fortune. “It’s just a lot to take in,” Mr Rogers said. Their lives have changed forever.

The nine siblings are going to share the jackpot. “It’s great that it is all in one family,” said Christine Rogers. The family are from north Dublin, and usually, keep themselves to themselves.

EuroMillions winning family
The store that sold the winning ticket celebrate

The owner of the store where the siblings bought their winning ticket was over the moon. “I was physically sick, no word of a lie,” said Les Reilly. The lucky retailer received a €25,000 bonus. “We never sold a big one before. We must have been waiting for the big one.”

Irish luck may rub off on others

Lottery sales in Ireland went up after the EuroMillions win was announced. “The publicity has definitely put it in people’s minds to buy a ticket,” said a Dublin retailer. Hopefully, some of the Rogers’ luck will rub off.

The EuroMillions winning family won their jackpot after weeks of rollovers. It is one of the largest top prizes in the lottery’s history.

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