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Lottery Winner Jailed after Drug-Fuelled Siege

A drug-fuelled rampage has seen one Lottery winner jailed. Andrew Simpson from Hinckley in Leicestershire, England has been jailed after he held his estranged partner hostage and it took a flash and bang grenade to end the siege.

Simpson is now beginning a two-year jail sentence. Rather than bringing him happiness, his lottery win had brought nothing but misery for him.

Crack-Cocaine Addiction

His new-found wealth led to the lottery winner becoming addicted to crack-cocaine. Judge Nicholas Dean QC said: “The temptation with that amount of money available to you obviously proved too great.”

lottery winner jailed street
The quiet street where the siege took place

He’d recently split up from his partner, but the love-lorn lottery winner struggled to accept the end of their relationship and broke into the house they’d shared. Simpson had a large knife and even made a flame thrower out of an aerosol can as he hurled missiles at the police officers injuring four of them.

Found in a Wardrobe

After half an hour he allowed his ex-partner to leave but the UK Lotto winner threatened suicide. The police finally arrested him after entering the house with shields. He was finally found in a wardrobe and only surrendered after being threatened with a taser. Four officers were hurt in the incident.

Leicester Crown Court heard how the defendant had a £200-a-day drug problem. This led to him committing assaults on his former partner that will now see the Lottery winner jailed.

Sentenced and locked up

Simpson pleaded guilty to causing an affray on January 15 as well as damaging household items and assaulting four officers. He was also re-sentenced for a battery offence on his partner last December. There were also driving offences from last October taking into consideration. He was sentenced to two years in jail and banned from driving for two years.