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Lotto Powerball winner in New Zealand claims it a week after the drawing

A New Zealand Lotto Powerball winner has come forward after waiting for a week and claimed their $5.5 million prize.

The winners were revealed to be a local couple who hail from the Northland region of New Zealand. They’ve chosen to remain anonymous after winning their Powerball prize.

Discovered their prize over a cup of tea

The wife said that they discovered that their local store had sold a Lotto Powerball winner the day after the May 1 draw. “My husband had gotten up to make us a cup of tea while I read the news in bed,” she explained.

“The first thing I saw was ‘Taipa Foodmarket sells $5.5 million Powerball prize’.” The wife then asked her husband where he’d bought their ticket that week.

Jumped out of bed to check the ticket

Leaving his tea behind, the husband got back out of bed straight away. He went to grab the ticket from his wallet to check it.

The pair soon realised that their ticket was a Lotto Powerball winner. “As I read out the winning numbers, he checked them off on our ticket,” the wife recalled.

“He kept saying ‘yes… yes… yes…’. I was beginning to wonder what was going on.”

Disbelief and happiness

The New Zealand couple said that they then began shaking. They couldn’t believe their good fortune. “We couldn’t stop staring at each other with these great big silly grins on our faces,” they said.

The lucky couple swapped out their tea for a glass of cold champagne. They followed that up by calling their kids and letting them know the good news.

“It was all so surreal,” the husband said. The couple decided to take a few days to let the news sink in and kept the ticket tucked away in a drawer for six days. The Lotto Powerball winners plan to use their new found fortune to help their children. They also want to give back to their local community.

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