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Group of friends won the lottery thanks to decades-old syndicate

A group of Maryland friends won the lottery thanks to a quick pick Multi-Match ticket. The seven friends, from Harford County, won $750,000 with a ticket they bought together.
The winners call themselves the ‘Magnificent Multi-Match Seven’ and hail from Maryland. Image: Maryland lottery

Friends from around the state

The group are from various towns within Harford County, Maryland. They include a teacher, machinist, carpet salesperson, two business owners and two brothers.
The friends told lottery officials they eat together at Giovanni’s Restaurant, Edgewood. While enjoying a meal together, they all pitch in for the lottery pool.
The group call themselves the “Magnificent Multi-Match Seven.” Their most recent ticket was a quick pick selection for the Multi-Match lottery on 23 May.
Members of the lottery pool didn’t believe it after the pool organiser let them know that they’d won the jackpot. The group member had to send them all a picture of the ticket to convince them.

In disbelief at their good fortune

One of the group members was so shocked that she didn’t believe it until she heard about a local winner in the news. In the past, they’ve won $2 or $20, but never anything like this $750,000.
The winning ticket came from a store on Philadelphia Road in Joppa. It’s only the third time in 2019 the Multi-Match jackpot has gone.

Decades of playing together has finally paid off

The lottery winning friends claimed their prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. They revealed that they’ve been playing various games together for decades.
Each of the seven friends will receive $40,878.58. Some of them said that they wanted to save their share. Other members want to share with family and put it towards a vacation.

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