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Your chance to win a Lottery Mansion online

By answering a single question correctly, one lucky winner will get the keys to a Lottery winner’s mansion.

lottery mansion
You can win the former mansion of Lottery winner Christine Weir

Until recently, the grand Frognal House was owned by Lottery winner Christine Weir. After selling it at the beginning of June, the new owner has struggled to sell it on again.

The current owner decided to launch the competition instead, which will also raise money for charity.

The lottery mansion has plenty of facilities

The lottery mansion has five bedrooms and an attic suite with a sauna. Built in the early 1900’s, 62 Alexander Street is walking distance from the Airdrie town centre and train station.

In a report by the Scottish Sun, the homeowner said: “This competition is open for everyone not just people who can afford £20 or £30 a ticket”.

The question is ‘which year was Airdrie’s observatory first established?’ and the answer is one from 1896, 1911, 1944 or 1969.

St Andrew’s Hospice will receive 10 per cent of the profits, and the Capital Appeals Fund have been promised at least £50k.

Entering is simple, and contestants don’t need to be EuroMillions winners to live like one. Over 18’s are allowed one free postal entry each, and the fee for entering online is £2.50 at The closing date is March 2020.

A unique way to win a house

They state on their website that it is the easiest way to sell their home after failing to do so in a more traditional way. gave us a look inside the lounge

The prize isn’t the result of winning a lottery, because of the level of skill required in answering the question, this is competition.

The homeowner continued: “We believe that we have given every eligible person who answers the competition question correctly, an opportunity to benefit from a truly remarkable home in Scotland”.

The house itself “sits amidst extensive, carefully maintained and secluded landscaped gardens” according to the website. There is also a detached garage, gas central heating and double glazing.

The competition has been looked at by solicitors. The homeowner doesn’t need a license because of the level of skill involved.