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A lottery-winning teacher plans to keep working after $5m win

With $5m in the bank, some might plan to retire but this lottery-winning teacher is to continue working.

Will she go back to work?

Brenda Simpson, from Ohio, won $5 million on a lottery scratch-off ticket last week.

lottery winning teacher
Brenda Simpson celebrates her victory with some of her students. (Oh! Lottery)

She told lottery officials that after telling her colleagues about her win, they all asked if she’d come into work the next day.

“I still plan to work, but I told my husband he can retire,” she told lottery officials.

She plans to use her winnings to pay off the mortgage on her home. She’ll also put a down payment on a house for her daughter.

Currently, she works as a teacher for Head Start. Head Start is a federal program which provides early childhood education for children and families with low incomes.

A second-chance has led to a lottery win

Mrs Simpson’s lottery luck has a three-year history. In 2016, she bought a lottery scratch card, which also entered her into a Top Prize Drawing.

As part of that game, players who missed out on the first drawing had the opportunity to enter into a second chance round in August 2019.

That second chance drawing had a top prize of $5 million, and Brenda’s ticket was the winner.

She is now able to choose between a cash lump sum payment, which will be $5 million minus taxes withheld by the state. Her other option is a $250,000 payment every year for the next 20 years.

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