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Keep Connected with those friends you’re missing during the COVID-19 pandemic by playing online lotteries

Recent months have been like something we have never experienced. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit countries all over the world. Isolation at home can be lonely but there’s no need to sit there feeling lonely with nothing to do, why not play online lotteries instead?

May 17 was World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. A bit of a mouthful but an important event that showed the important role that information technology plays in our lives. That includes of course being able to access the internet where you can try your luck on the many online lotteries, we have on the Lottery24 website.

A Beacon of Hope

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres isn’t often quoted on Lottery24, but he is today. He commented: “Information technology can be a beacon of hope, allowing billons of people around the world to connect. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these connections…. are more important than ever.”

Buy Your Tickets Now

Never a truer word has been said by a politician. Just imagine if we didn’t have the internet and the ability to connect with others from our own home?

Now we can sit in safety and spend our time surfing the web, talking to others, and heading over to Lottery24 to buy tickets for the online lotteries we sell tickets for.

Doing so will make life so much more entertaining for you and hopefully profitable too. No need to be sat there bored, you can be buying tickets for online lotteries and then waiting in anticipation for the next EuroMillions or Powerball draw.

Friends can Win Together

Don’t just do it by yourself though. We need something to share with people online, so why not form a lottery syndicate? You will be able to buy lots more tickets and increase your chances of getting that big win. That’s just like the two friends in Australia who won a $2.2m Oz Lotto prize last month.

A Prosperous Gift?

At this difficult time, some kindness is needed in our lives. Why not buy a friend or relative some tickets to play on the online lotteries we have on Lottery24? Who knows you could be turning them into a multi-millionaire?