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How Playing Online Lotteries Could Help Save the Planet

Our present lives are not quite what we are used to due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we must not forget that our future is a bit uncertain too and Friday 5 June is World Environment Day. We all need to do our bit to help and playing online lotteries can be of assistance in this important issue.

World Environment Day has been held every year since 1974. It’s a day for governments, businesses, celebrities, and everyday folk to focus on environmental issues and this year the theme is biodiversity.

Helping the Environment

Winning a lottery prize can help fight that battle. Just imagine if you were to play one of the many online lotteries available at Lottery24. A great moment in your life and you will want to help your family and friends. But why not help the whole planet too? You could take some of your lottery winnings and use it to help an environmental project.

It could be anything from helping a local project or one in another country. Such projects are always grateful for any help, both financially and in spreading awareness of their work. With a lottery fortune in your bank account, you could give them valuable help.

Good Causes being helped

You don’t have to be a winner to help the environment. When you play online lotteries such as the UK Lotto or Set for Life, a percentage goes to good causes. There are countless projects that have received help in this way.

For example, the Avalon Marshes in Somerset, England has received important funding. It’s not just been for one project but sixty over the space of four years. This has helped them to conserve the landscape, heritage, and the wildlife, all thanks to people playing online lotteries.

Educating Others

There have been plenty other environment projects that have received much needed help. The Polli:Nation project fits in perfectly with the theme of biodiversity. They are educating 28,00 children and their teachers about the important role pollinating insects play in keeping our planet healthy and how to help them do their job.

Online lotteries are doing a great job in helping the environment. You can do so yourself and could be one ticket away from winning a great prize, so buy your tickets now at Lottery 24.